Fun times, understatement of the year, can’t wait for next time – David Li

Did so many amazing things, met so many crazy (yet awesome) people! Beautiful memorie – Mindy Di

Amazing time with really amazing people can’t wait for next year! It was a blast!!! – Kim Pie

Had a great time with some even greater people! So looking forward to next year! – Allissa Barnhorst

Camp Forever Fun knocked it out of the park!!! A true summer camp experience with lots of new friends and some good beer! I will be back next year with reinforcements! I can’t wait to see everyone again! – Keith Stewart

Amazing weekend trip! Can’t wait to go again next year. Everyone was so friendly and so much fun. It was wonderful to try so many new exciting activities. – Joel Key

By far one of the best weekends I have ever had the joy of experiencing. Met so many wonderful people who I won’t soon forget and hope to continue calling my friends. The activities were a perfect balance of fun, challenging, and leisurely. The staff was a delight. It was the perfect way to re-connect with myself and what I love while connecting with some wonderful new humans and gain new life experience. Thank you. I sincerely hope to return. – Allyson Miko

This weekend was one of the best times I’ve had in a long time. I’ve made lifelong friends who we are planning vacations with outside of camp and can’t wait till next year. I conquered my fear of heights, danced, laughed and much more. I recommend this camp to anyone who wants to make new friends and do great things that you can’t do in normal day life. – Rachel