Questions and Answers

How old will the other campers be? We are targeting the 23 to 39 crowd, but all ages 21 and over are welcome. It is in fact against the rules of Adult Summer Camp Forever Fun to ask a fellow camper their age.

Where is Camp Forever Fun located? We are located in West MI.  If you’re from Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, or Ohio, then we’re only a short drive from you.  Camp Forever Fun, the premier adult summer camp in the Midwest.

I’m thinking of coming on my own. Do people do that? Absolutely! Don’t worry, you will meet friends and bond fast! There is an extremely real possibility that you will stay in contact with the people you meet long after camp is over. We come as strangers and leave as friends.

Can I bring my cell phone? I need my cell phone!!! Because we understand that your phone is also your camera, we will allow you to keep your phone. Having said that, camp is a place to be present, to interact with your fellow campers in a real way, and to simply get back to the ideal happiness of childhood in the summer. We discourage you from making phone calls or texting. If you must make a call or send a text, please excuse yourself from the group. Do not sit around the campfire texting!

I’m on a diet of nothing but kale. Is camp food good for me? Ok let me think about this, are s’mores, beer, and grilled cheese sandwiches good for you? Ah, yeah! Ok, probably not, but the six to eight hours of exercise you’ll get everyday certainly is.

What if it rains? We are all hoping for good weather, but camp is about the people and we’re going to have fun no matter what. We’ll move the dance party inside, we’ll have talent show, indoor yoga, and maybe a giant outdoor soccer match in the pouring rain!

Will there be other groups at camp? No! We rent out exclusive use of the entire camp, so you don’t have to worry that you’ll run into a pack of girl scouts as you’re stumbling back to your bunk in the middle of the night.

Can we drink at camp? Yes, Camp Forever Fun is a summer camp for adults and alcohol is included in the price of your ticket. At night we will bring out kegs of really good craft beer (and some wine too). If you’re looking to get hammered and brag about how wasted you are, this is not the place for you. At no time will we play flip cup, beer pong, or yell “chug, chug, chug”.

What about smoking or drugs? Smoking will be permitted on the road in front of camp only. You may not smoke on camp grounds. All drugs, including marijuana, are prohibited.

I’m coming to camp with my boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/3 best friends, etc… Can’t we stay together? Actually, yes, you can. We have a limited number of cabins available in a co-ed section.

Is Camp Forever Fun a singles event? No. And yes. Both singles and couples are welcome here; camp is not geared towards matchmaking. Having said that, we can think of no better place to possibly meet your significant other. Just come here to have fun, and let life happen.

What if I still have more questions? You may contact Joel at for more details.


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